For a good looking module

ICOSOLAR® Cover Stripe is the ideal choice for optical covering of crossconnectors in the module and is also very suitable to be used in the module as a base material for manufacturer logos and product barcodes.

ICOSOLAR® Cover Stripe is an opaque three-layer composite with a very thin core layer. A PET core ensures mechanical stability. The treated surfaces of the outer layers ensure good bonding to the encapsulating material on both sides.



ICOSOLAR® Cover Stripes can be used to cover module components that are not supposed to be visible through the front side of the module. Since the ICOSOLAR® Cover Stripes have optical properties comparable to ICOSOLAR® backsheets, they can be used to optically line busbars or transverse connecting struts between the cells and cell strings, for example.
ICOSOLAR® Cover Stripes are available for cosmetic applications in the respective module designs.