New Tedlar® based-backsheet – Proven and innovative

ICOSOLAR® TPF combines the best out of two worlds by using a tried-and-tested Tedlar® film as outer layer and the innovative F-Coating developed by ISOVOLTAIC on the cell side. It especially addresses the upcoming IEC standard, as it does not contain any adhesion promoters such as E-layers or primers, known to melt during lamination. PVF films laminated by ISOVOLTAIC have proven their excellent resistance to UV and weathering for more than 25 years!
While the PET core layer provides mechanical stability, electrical insulation and outstanding water vapor barrier, the state-of-the-art adhesive system of ISOVOLTAIC ensures the best in class inner-layer adhesion.
The thickness of the PET core layer remains at the verified level of 250 μm and therefore guarantees highest reliability. On the cell side ICOSOLAR® PPF uses a new cross linked fluoropolymer coating that provides outstanding UV- and chemical resistance. F-Coating stands for first class fire resistance and provides excellent adhesion to existing encapsulation materials.

You will find more information on this product in our data sheet. Download data sheet.