With experience and an innovative spirit we develop and produce intelligent composite films that preserve valuable devices durably.

  • The sustainable energy of the sun fires our creativity and passion to preserve the environment for future generations. 
  • We inspire our customers and business partners with our pioneering technologies and attentive service.


We develop high quality composite films for use in photovoltaic panels. Our products are the result of outstanding technological know-how and of careful attention to the needs of customers and the market.


We are the world market and technology leader in developing and producing backsheet films for photovoltaic modules. In many years of service to our customers, we have established our reputation as a dependable partner. We will continue expanding our international activities in the growing photovoltaic market.


  • We want our profits to be sustainable and are mindful of our responsibilities to people and for resources and the environment. 
  • The best way to assure and shape our future is to positively embrace innovation and continual improvement. 
  • We like our customers to be enthusiastic about us, and that’s why we treat them as partners, whether they are inside or outside the company. 
  • The way we do business, our processes, and our products are all governed by high quality and safety imperatives. 
  • We lead our employees with respect and with reasonable goals. We help them develop their strengths and motivate them to perform at their best. 
  • We take decisions and stand by them. 
  • Successes and failures are both valuable parts of our experience, and we learn from both. 
  • The way we work is goal-oriented, efficient, responsible and reliable. 
  • An open and transparent communication culture is the foundation of our teamwork

mission statement

The corporate mission statement of ISOVOLTAIC puts our corporate identity in words. It creates transparency vis-à-vis our customers and our workforce.

The corporate identity is the unmistakable and unique character of a company and comprises vision, core competencies and the company’s positioning in the market. These three factors are linked by the fundamental values of the company. Only when all these factors are harmoniously aligned will identity develop.